New Year Reflections

We founded FORE Partnership based on the belief that private investors were changing the way they make investment decisions and allocate capital, yet surprisingly few alternatives existed that aligned with investors’ core values.

Taking a responsible approach to real estate with our “club” model and honouring the values and evolved needs of all constituents, we have had an impact. Over the last 6 years, we have completed more than 1,000,000 sq ft of acquisitions in 7 markets, with a realised net IRR to investors in excess of 20%.

Our belief in the power of ESG to drive value in real estate strengthens. In particular, more and more empirical data is emerging that demonstrates forward thinking carbon reduction strategies lower operating costs, drive rental growth, reduce vacancy periods, and ultimately result in higher returns to investors.

We also passionately believe that by using our properties to help solve deeply entrenched social problems, we can make enduring, authentic connections between tenants and the community.

Our vision is becoming more relevant than ever.  The foundational pillars of society are under attack: financial institutions, religion, family, community, and of course the social contract between governments and citizens to provide security, healthcare, and education.

All these pillars are being disassembled brick by brick – at a time when we are facing a new more basic challenge to truth, struggling to resolve what is real and what is fake.

And so other areas of our life – notably our jobs – have never been called upon more to fill the gap. Unlike our parents’ generation who spoke of financial security, promotions, and careers, we now talk about the workplace using words like purpose, trust, meaning, self-actualisation, fulfilment.

It’s therefore no surprise that the physical word around us is under pressure to adapt. This goes well beyond adding token features to buildings that superficially play to perceived trends and wants. We need to think about what role the built environment has to play in all this. To re-examine real estate’s own purpose. To create environments that make life better.

And ultimately, to Build FOREward.

Reflecting on our vision, we have updated our logo and branding, and launched a new website.

To our partners and clients, we deeply appreciate all your support. And to those who have not connected with us in a while, this is a great opportunity to get reacquainted.

We welcome you to join us on our journey.