Undiscovered value.

FORE represents the Future of Real Estate.

Society’s growing emphasis on lifestyle, health and wellbeing, the blurring of personal and professional lives, the transformative impact of new technologies, the crisis of connection and epidemic of loneliness, the aging population – all combined with the urgency to move to a low carbon economy – are dramatically transforming what the buildings of tomorrow will look like and how they will function.

In spite of recent progress, the real estate industry remains out of sync and conventionally minded. Real estate has been the culprit hiding in plain sight. Many firms are scrambling to adapt, mostly continuing to apply traditional thinking at best focused on making the word marginally less bad. At a time when across all sectors, all businesses, there is a move towards a more purpose-led model.

The result is that value and opportunity remain undiscovered in virtually every market.

We believe real estate can be a force for good.

When we look at a building,
we see what others don’t.
Undiscovered value.
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FORE Partnership - Certified B Corporation
Net-zero buildings currently comprise less than 1% of global building stock, yet need to rise to at least 85% by 2050. Most notably, the pace of refurbishment needs to triple.
IEA, 2021

FORE is an investment management boutique focused on western European value-add commercial real estate. We believe in cities, and that real estate – buildings – are at the centre of our urban systems.

We look for “B” buildings in “A” locations and turn them into “A” buildings. We invest in the office, mixed use, and living sectors.

At FORE we are specialists in realising deep value. We fuse mainstream asset management with a deep commitment to sustainability and social value, investing in mispriced, undermanaged assets with the potential to be repositioned in line with our vision and strategy.

FORE Partnership - Certified B Corporation

We take unloved buildings and make them fit for the low carbon, purpose-led future, creating environments that meet the needs of today’s end users, places that positively impact on communities, and assets that generate healthy returns.

We target healthy double digit gross IRRs, around half from income, half from value enhancements, while delivering measurable positive social and environmental value. And with some 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 already built, the climate emergency demands that we no longer overlook the value inherent in existing assets.

For this reason, we have committed to a retrofit-first strategy, focused on old, tired, assets that are becoming stranded and rapidly re-pricing as climate obsolesce risks are better understood.


New UK rules on energy efficiency from 2030 mean that 85% of buildings will become obsolete and unlettable — some 1 million commercial buildings in England alone.

Today, you don’t sacrifice returns for sustainability, you create returns with sustainability.

But beyond simply focusing on energy efficiency and low-carbon upgrades, we deploy our unique holistic approach that involves a careful examination of the links between sustainability, health and well-being, community, design, technology, and what’s required to generate consistent, enduring profitability.

At FORE, we’ve responded to this rapid change by thoroughly re-appraising how people live, work, and interact with the real estate around them. We don’t just want to reduce our impact on the planet, but also drive real and measurable positive outcomes, improve lives and communities in a meaningful way.


This framework, which we call Building FOREward, consists of four channels through which we drive consistently higher returns.

  • 01 Carbon Reduction
      • We innovate to reduce carbon footprints and decrease building operating costs
      • Explore best-in-class ideas
      • Create built environment “laboratory”
      • Test innovative solutions coming from our deep, non-traditional New Economy network
  • 02 Health & Wellness
      • We deeply integrate health and wellbeing innovations to improve quality of life
      • Focus on physical and mental health
      • Drive happiness and empathy
  • 03 Design & Technology
      • We adopt modern, responsive design and technology to future-proof buildings
      • We deliver environments rather than mere workspaces
      • Explore deep integration of prop tech across AI, IoT to help tenants, communities thrive in the New Economy
  • 04 Community
      • We leverage the “community effect” to create positive social outcomes and a just transition
      • Authentically connect users of our buildings to more than just bricks and mortar
      • Consider buildings as part of an Urban System and take a systems-based approach to change
Climate change is the tragedy of the horizon…. once it becomes a defining issue for financial stability, it may already be too late.”

At approximately $320 trillion in value, real estate is the world’s largest single asset class, some four times global GDP. With the vast majority of buildings needing to be upgraded and transformed in the next two decades, the scale of the opportunity – and challenge – is tremendous.

At FORE we address this opportunity using a traditional private equity style pooled fund investment model. We also run managed accounts and co-investments. Our focus is on providing transparent, aligned vehicles for private and institutional investors, as well as large corporates and global multinationals, to invest in purpose-driven transformational real estate.

Our exclusive sourcing network gives us a real competitive advantage. Cultivated over the last 30 years, our network draws on a broad and deep matrix of landlords and tenants, banks, insolvency firms, agencies, and real estate service firms.

More unconventionally, given our strategic focus we are also exposed to deal flow through architects, urban planners, local governments, and social enterprises.

And with our family office heritage, we have unrivalled access to other family offices and private investors, often becoming their preferred partner.

FORE Partnership - Certified B Corporation

We get it, ESG is a complex topic, prone to claims of “greenwashing” and a lack of transparency.

That’s why we’ve committed to offering a “Dark Green” fund under the EU’s SFDR regime, perhaps the highest level of sustainability compliance and disclosure that exists in any market, anywhere.

As an industry leader in ESG real estate, our approach gives investors the confidence of enduring profitability, while ensuring no compromise on values.

Our commitment to ESG is underpinned by our B Corporation status and gives our investors and all our stakeholders full alignment with their own social impact and environmental objectives.

Together we can do well by doing right.

Learn more about our ESG Commitments

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