A new vision
for a new world

We are more than just a real estate firm.

We drive innovation forward, creating positive economic, social and environmental outcomes based on a belief that we can do well by doing right.

FORE Partnership is leading the transformation of the built environment into a low-carbon, socially impactful future.

Active in the UK and Europe, with a focus on offices, mixed-use urban properties, and the living sector, we are setting new benchmarks for sustainability and social impact across our commercial property portfolio.

FORE Partnership - Net Zero Corporation

We specialise in recycling, repurposing, enhancing, and repositioning existing buildings. With a strong focus on design quality, we transform these buildings into future-facing assets, capturing the green premium.

We have made an industry-leading commitment to achieve net-zero across our business and portfolio by 2025. But we have gone further, committing to a “retrofit first” strategy. With 80% of the buildings that will exist in 2050 – the UK’s Net Zero deadline – already built, our focus is on existing standing assets.

We are proud to be a certified B Corporation.

Our B Corp Certification

Whatever the opportunity, we create future-proofed, ultra-sustainable income generating assets that provide a new generation of end users with environments in which they can thrive, while satisfying investor demand for profitability.

Originally set up by a team out of Capricorn Investment Group, the family office of eBay first president and billionaire philanthropist Jeff Skoll, FORE has since acquired more than 1.2 m sq ft commercial and residential property with a forecast exit value of more than £650 million. All told, the FORE team has directly acquired 87 properties representing in excess of 5.5 million sq ft of space.

A recognised industry leader in ESG real estate, we invest capital on behalf of a range of private and institutional investors from Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as corporates and global multinationals seeking to be part of our ecosystem as they are faced with disruptive transformation in their core businesses.


More than 1.2 m sq ft commercial and residential property acquired with a forecast exit value of more than £700 million

FORE Partnership - Certified B Corporation

Our track record proves that delivering strong economic returns for all stakeholders does not come at expense of our mission. In fact, it is our mission that generates the positive outcomes.

In a world facing a climate catastrophe, a deep commitment to sustainability and social impact is not a trade-off that comes at the expense of investor returns: the two are indivisible.

The success of our approach, which we call Building FOREward, proves that not only can we do well by doing right – we can do better.

Learn about our approach

FORE at a glance


One of the first real estate investment managers certified as a B Corporation

Net Zero

Industry leading 2025 Net Zero commitment


Six years as a 5-star ranking, the last two as the top performing fund in our peer group

Retrofit First

Committed to no new construction, refurbishment of existing assets only


Deep Silicon Valley heritage, deploying the latest prop-tech innovations


Peer-recognition for our industry leadership in ESG both at a corporate and building level

1.3 million

square feet of real estate acquired in the FORE portfolio

>£1 bn

in transactions completed by the highly experienced team

“The sustainability revolution is the single largest investment opportunity in history”
Al Gore

Our team is dynamic and agile, driven by our singular vision of leading real estate into the low carbon future, where property is a force for good.

With over 30 years of experience, we have an extensive network that stretches across real estate and the built environment, as well as landlord, occupiers, lenders, banks, local authorities, and social enterprises.

Our heritage gives us unrivalled access to the best ideas across all sectors, not just real estate.

We have had a front row seat to the “New Economy”, the revolution of tech, AI – and climate solutions – with a background that extends to innovations in energy, transportation, material science, med tech, and engineering. We bring a unique perspective to real estate and understand the extent of innovation leap required to meet the challenge of a low-carbon economy.

Meet our team

Basil Demeroutis Managing Partner

Aurélien Collignon Partner

Giles Edwards (MRICS) Associate Director

Aiden Chong Investment Associate

Darja Thoma (Stadnik) Investment Associate

Raffe Abdul Finance and Operations Manager

Sarah Trahair-Williams Associate Director, Development Management

Advisory Board

Dr. Julia Balandina Jaquier

David Hood

Paul Brundage

Prof. Geoffrey Wood

Marta Drummond

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