The FORE Solution

In our experience as stewards of private capital, we recognise the shortcomings of traditional fund structures, while at the same time, the important role that real estate plays in preserving and protecting capital across generations.  We created a new way, a unique model that gives families the benefits of direct access to real estate, expertly managed.

We call our approach, “by family offices, for family offices”.

Key Differentiators

FORE’s innovative club format combines the best elements of direct and indirect investment strategies.  This ensures that our investing partners benefit from:

  • Diversification and shared costs in a true advocacy model
  • Expert deal origination, execution and asset management
  • A degree of discretion over how their capital is invested
  • Direct ownership of underlying assets (no fund layer)
  • Holding periods optimised for each asset (as opposed to fixed fund life cycles)
  • Shared deal sourcing and expertise amongst leading family offices