Guiding Principles

Engage with a Passion for Property

Our back-to-basics approach is focused on buildings and how people interact with them.  FORE aims to promote functional, inspirational and architecturally engaging spaces in which people want to work and live.

Seek Compelling Relative and Absolute Value

FORE has a deep-seated value investor mindset and above all else seeks compelling value.

Engender a True Advocacy Model

FORE’s unique model gives our investing partners genuine transparency and alignment of interests.  FORE takes seriously its fiduciary duties to its investing partners and given our heritage, we seek to be their advocate.

Recycle Old into New

FORE believes in taking undermanaged and underutilised properties and breathing new life into them.  Our investment strategy both unlocks value from assets and helps fulfil our mission to improve the quality of public space in our communities.

Fully Integrate Sustainability Principles

FORE believes that the investment and stewardship of real estate bring many responsibilities, including those to the wider community and the environment.  We aim for best practice in sustainability and take a highly principled approach to all aspects of property ownership.